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Big, Bold, Beautiful World Media: Our Mission

Big, Bold, Beautiful World Media is a multimedia company dedicated to harnessing the power of innovation and creativity to produce stories, experiences, and products that empower the emotional intelligence of global generations. Gokul! is our first media property developed for children ages 4-7.

Gokul! Mission

Gokul! World is a multi-media property that prepares children ages 4-7 for success by fostering exploration, understanding and celebration of cultural diversity.

Gokul! World features the globe-traveling adventures of six culturally diverse friends who solve problems with their individual talents, celebrate holidays, explore traditions and succeed through their understanding that together is better than apart.

Through the power of engaging storytelling and entertainment, Gokul! builds self-awareness and confidence, nurtures flexible thinking, and models empathy and collaboration with others.

  • Confidence in themselves and their unique abilities provides children with an essential foundation on which to grow and learn.
  • Flexible thinking helps children learn how to adapt to new situations and provides them with ideas and strategies needed to meet all types of challenges.
  • Collaboration and empathy foster community and understanding and help children open the doors to new friendships, discoveries, and outcomes.

Gokul! knows that we are all in this big, bold, beautiful world together. And when we can create, play, work, celebrate, and dream together, the possibilities are endless.

Gokul! Core Values

  • We celebrate this big, bold, beautiful world we live in and provide kids with access to diverse cultures, interests, and points of view through entertaining stories and adventures.
  • We know that together is better than apart. Our stories and adventures embrace the joy that comes from playing, building, creating, solving, and celebrating with each other. Everyone has a voice, a role, and a way to participate. Together is better.
  • We represent a global point of view. We want all kids to see themselves in our stories and characters, and in everything we do.
  • We nurture curiosity and excitement about the world around us and about other people in an effort to foster love, happiness, and understanding.

Meet The Team and Our Collaborators

Gokul Advisors